September 9, 2017
1 Month and 11 days since
our Reunion.
1993  Reno & Ed & CEEPsters
1993 Reno & Ed & CEEPsters
Our Wilderness School / CEEP Program 50 Year Reunion on Saturday September 9-10, 2017 was ever better than we could have imagined.   Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and celebrate with us.    Please send us any photos you would like to share and we will post them on this website .  

There are many stories yet to be told, and the Reunion Committee will keep this website open for several weeks while we figure out how to keep an ongoing connection with all of you .

First we need to sleep for a few days, and then we will begin the "What's Next" phase of this Reunion Website .    Please check back on a daily basis.   Thank you.
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